Our Story


Maboobie is built for FUN!

The story began with three young, naive yet passionate event organizers. We were both colleagues and good friends. Living a busy life with a suffocating job for years was not the thing that we would have ever dreamt to be, so we decided to make a change. Like most free-minded young people, we spent all their time and money to reach out the world to search for our meaning of life. Travelling was certainly in our agenda, and that was a time that has completely change my life. Unfortunately, it didn't help us find our goal in life. We just used up all we have and got to work extra hard to earn our money back. We thought our lives were over, until one day, we were responsible for organizing a themed company anniversary party. Everyone has to wear costumes in different styles with makeup, wigs, props...That was the funniest events we have ever held!  We were fascinated by the diversified fancy dresses cosplaying popular cartoon characters, movie stars, superheroes they wore. It can be horrifying, beautiful, funny, sexy. All elements you can name! Every guests including ourselves were so involved and happy. The ballroom was full of laughter and smiles! We looked at the many nice pictures we took and wondered when we would be able to organize a party like this again? Suddenly we came up with the same idea together. Why not we make costumes for people, so they can have fun with lover, friends, family or even on their own!

Shortly after, we quit our jobs and Maboobie was then launched in 2011. We first started with something small on ebay and we were not very well-known at that time. We had a hard time sourcing and making our own quality costumes, but our effort did pay off. When time goes by, more people knew about us and kept coming back to us to look for new costumes. Their satisfaction became our inspiration. Therefore, we decided to expand our product line and break free from ebay. In the following year, we launched our website Maboobie.com. 

What we do today

Today we have more than 200 styles of costume designs for men, women, family, couples, friends...for anyone who love to have fun and make laughter with people we love. But we didn't just stop here. We are still energetic, passionate and devoting as ever. We love what we are doing now and we love to make people feel good. That's our mission. We will keep looking for new trends and come up with creative ideas to design nice and good quality costumes.